Fractionated Coconut Oil for Pets: 4 Best Uses for Dogs and Cats

January 14th, 2021

Coconut oil is known to work wonders not only for humans but also for our furry friends. It might come as a surprise to pet owners that there is a certain type of coconut oil that’s more efficient than the regular virgin coconut oil, and it is fractionated coconut oil.

It is distilled from fresh coconut, wherein long-chain fatty acids are separated and solidified for removal. As a result, a fraction of the oil remains, which is light, nearly odorless, and colorless. The best thing about fractionated coconut oil is that it stays liquid in form, no matter what the temperature is, unlike regular virgin coconut oil.

With its unique properties, it can be beneficial for our pets’ health and wellbeing. Here are the four best uses of fractionated coconut oil for our dogs and cats.


Fur Moisturizer

Keep your canine and feline friends healthy by rubbing some fractionated coconut oil on their fur to make it shiny, healthy, and sleek. Since fractionated coconut oil is light, it will not feel sticky on the fur.

Another concern for pet owners, especially when they have very hairy dogs or cats, is matted fur. It is a clump of tangled hair in a dog or cat’s coat that is difficult to brush, so fur parents sometimes opt to give their pets a haircut instead of detangling it. Matting can be painful for dog breeds with long hair such as Shih-Tzu and bearded collie, as well as long-coated cat breeds like Persian and Siberian.

Fractionated coconut oil can help with mildly matted fur as its liquid texture makes it easier to moisturize and soften matted hair. Gently rub the oil on the affected area and slowly comb with a wide-toothed brush. Once the fur detangles, don’t forget to give your pet a treat.


Coat Protection

Taking out your furry friend for a walk in the park? You can use fractionated coconut oil as top-coat protection. Apply a thin layer on your puppy or kitty’s paws before you step outside for an extra layer of protection. Fractionated coconut oil can also be applied to your fur baby’s skin to safeguard it against sunburn and skin irritation.

A thin layer goes a long way—lightly pat the oil over the fur and you’re good to go. Since fractionated coconut oil has no scent, it would not be irritating to your pets, who would usually lick any unfamiliar scent off their coat.


Hairball Remedy for Cats, Digestive Supplement for Dogs

For our feline friends, throwing up a clump of hairball can be very uncomfortable. It is inevitable to our cats, but we can make it easier by feeding them some food-grade fractionated coconut oil.

You may let your cat lick off the oil from your finger first, then add about one-eighth to one-quarter teaspoon of oil to their food. However, fractionated coconut oil should not be fed to cats on a regular basis as it is high on fatty acids and may cause diarrhea, so use with caution and moderation.

For dogs, about 1 teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil per 10 pounds of body weight can be given between meals. This improves your pup’s metabolism and gives a quick energy boost. It can also be fed to overweight dogs who need to go on a diet.


Wound Treatment

Fractionated coconut oil has impressive healing properties that work for both cats and dogs. It does not stain the fur as it’s colorless, and its light consistency makes it the best remedy for any type of skin irritation. Fractionated coconut oil can be an anti-inflammatory treatment, gently nourishing your pets’ fur while speeding up the healing process.

It works as well as a treatment for ringworm– a very itchy skin disease that turns the fur flaky. Puppies and kittens suffering from abscesses may also find relief with fractionated coconut oil because of its soothing abilities.


Best Pet-Friendly Oil

Fractionated coconut oil does not stain the fur, is nearly odorless so it doesn’t bother our scent-conscious furballs, has an exceptionally long shelf life, and most importantly, it remains liquid, soothing your cat’s or dog’s coat. Without a doubt, fractionated coconut oil is the best pet-friendly oil, so make sure to have one among your fur baby’s staples!