5 Surprising Uses of Fractionated Coconut Oil on Skin

January 11th, 2021

It’s high time fractionated coconut oil gets the recognition it deserves. Compared to its more famous counterparts: virgin and extra-virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil is often overlooked at grocery stores and online shops. Little do consumers know, this liquid gold holds the secret to tons of skin benefits, and it even does more than the regular variations of coconut oil. Aside from its moisturizing prowess, here are five other surprising uses of fractionated coconut oil on the skin.


3 Fast Facts about Fractionated Coconut Oil

Stays Liquid

While regular coconut oil solidifies when stored near a heat source, fractionated coconut oil stays in its liquid form regardless of the temperature. This fact alone makes it the superior oil, the hassle-free choice.


Virgin coconut oil is often used for hair and skincare, but the catch is the nutty scent that lingers—this is significant boo-boo, especially when you’re heading out. Fractionated coconut oil is virtually odorless so that you can stay moisturized without the evident coconut smell.

Light Consistency

The process of fractionating the oil gives it a very light texture, making it ideal for many uses: aromatherapy, massage, the base for cosmetics, pet care, and sensitive skincare. It locks in moisture without leaving the skin greasy, leaving it hydrated and nourished.


5 Clever Uses of Fractionated Coconut Oil on Skin

Stretch Marks Reducer

Fractionated coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids capric and caprylic acid. These properties are excellent emollient, repairing the skin by deeply moisturizing it without clogging the pores. With the right approach, fractionated oil can promote healing and support cell regeneration, reducing stretch marks in the process.

Wound Treatment 

Not only medium-chain fatty acids are moisturizing, but they are also antimicrobial and antifungal, making them an excellent disinfectant. With its light texture, fractionated coconut oil gets easily absorbed by the skin, effectively healing cuts and wounds.


Bacteria cause body odor. Using antiperspirants to address the issue may not be useful as it only blocks your sweat glands. A great alternative to this is fractionated coconut oil—it’s odorless, light as a feather, and fights odor-causing bacteria. Freshen up the natural way!

Makeup Remover

Virgin coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover, but its greasy residue makes it difficult to wash off. To solve this dilemma, use fractionated instead. It’s light and soft, but it’s useful in cleansing impurities and sebum. With or without a follow-up water-based wash, your face will instantly feel clean and hydrated.

Body Scrub

Exfoliating can be a challenge to those with sensitive skin. If you struggle with this, you can make your DIY body scrub with fractionated coconut oil—it’s gentle and nourishing properties are suitable for sensitive skin, helping counteract irritation.


Endless Possibilities

These five uses are just among the countless others as the possibilities are endless. Fractionated coconut oil is an extremely versatile oil; there are specific uses that you may not be aware of. You never know when you might need it, so it’s always good to have a bottle handy!