5 Quick Ways to Cure Holiday Hangover and Festive Fatigue

December 28th, 2020

You know you had an epic party when you wake up the next morning with a foggy memory of what happened last night, plus a throbbing headache, an upset stomach, and a major body pain that make you want to promise you’ll never drink anymore. This holiday, you might find yourself in the same scenario again, but here’s the good news—we know five practical ways to help alleviate your festive fatigue faster, and we’re sharing them with you. Keep this list in handy before you go out with a bang! 


Drink Water 

The first thing you need to take after getting turned all night is good ol water. Too much alcohol can lead to dehydration due to its diuretic effect, or the reason why you pee a lot when drunk. Thus, you lose a lot of fluid and electrolytes needed for regular and sober functioning. And yes, throwing up also leads to more loss of electrolytes, so imagine how much bodily fluid you lose from frequent peeing plus intermittent vomiting. Dehydration contributes to many hangover symptoms, so loading up on water may help ease some of the signs and sober you up faster. 


Eat Breakfast  

Food is perhaps the last thing you’ll ever look for when waking up with a bad case of hangover. You just threw up everything you ate from the night of the party, and you simply do not have the appetite to eat first thing in the morning again. However, eating something for breakfast may help fade the symptoms of hangover quicker. One reason is that alcohol consumption leads to low blood sugar levels, and eating a hearty meal can help put your blood sugar back to normal. Start with something bland like crackers or bread to help regulate your blood sugar to ease your dizziness. 


Take Sweets  

After giving your body a quick breakfast boost, the next step is to eat sugary food or drink sweet liquid to provide you with a much-needed kick. Replenish the sugar and essential minerals you’ve lost with a nice glass of fruit juice or a sweet dessert-like donut. Try a warm cup of lemon water with a dollop of honey for extra soothing relief. 


Use Pain Reliever 

Bad muscle cramps and severe headache in the morning are your body’s way of telling you that yes, you had way too much fun last night. While you can wait for the pain to ease up throughout the day, the discomfort may be too much to handle, so pain reliever meds like aspirin or ibuprofen (but not Tylenol) may help. One surefire way to address muscle aches is by applying topical treatments like a painkiller rub or a magnesium spray. Another good thing about a magnesium spray is that it absorbs quickly into the skin, curing magnesium loss due to heavy alcohol intake. 


Take Herbal Supplements  

Certain herbal supplements may help ease hangover symptoms, and some of these can be found in your cupboard or a nearby market. Several studies show evidence that herbal supplements are helpful, even for the worst hangover cases. For instance, taking red ginseng may help reduce alcohol levels in the bloodstream, lowering the severity of hangover. Ginseng is also effective, especially when combined with brown sugar and tangerine extract– this concoction improves several hangover symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Although not every supermarket has it, Prickly Pear is proven by research to reduce hangover severity in half. 


Put Your Drinks (and this List) Up! 


Endless tequila shots and full-bottle margaritas are all fun and games until the alcohol spreads like wildfire through your bloodstream. So, you party hard, thinking 2020’s finally going to end, but then you wake up the next morning feeling like death. Next time you go hard, just turn to this list for a quick holiday hangover fix!