2020 Christmas Parties: Here’s How You Can Throw a Zero-Waste Celebration

November 30th, 2020

With the pandemic changing everyone’s lives in the world right now, parties may seem like a thing in the past. But that does not mean that we should set Christmas asideAfter all, the Yuletide season is still the most wonderful time of the year, and we can always bring festive cheer to our loved ones.  

Want to pull off a safe yet fun Christmas celebration in this new era? Throw a zero waste and socially distanced party! Here’s how to get started: 


Keep the Guest List Short 

Part of living through the new normal is avoiding a big crowd, so, unfortunately, you would have to keep your guest list small and intimate. As much as you want to invite many people, everyone’s safety is the top priority, so keep the party to your closest relatives or friends.  

Follow your area’s guidelines on the maximum number of allowed persons per gathering— some places and countries allow up to 15 people. But hey, less is more! Intimate gatherings can be fantastic too, as you get to celebrate Christmas with only the most significant people in your life. Having fewer people means, you can spend more quality time with each of them. 


How to Make it Zero Waste: 

Send invites online. (Pro tip: Be creative! Use graphic-design apps or tools like Canva, Stencil, or Snappa) 

Send your invitations with seed paper so your guests can plant them! Made from recycled brown paper bags, these invites can be embedded with various seeds like basil, parsley, and spinach. 


Serve Waste-Free Food 

Waste-free food is not only practical and environmentally-friendly; they’re healthy too! For this part, you can serve freshly cut fruits and snacks to avoid plastic cutlery usage. If utensils are needed, ask your guests to bring their reusables—this is the best way to keep things hygienic while practicing social distancing.  

Another option that promotes zero waste is to have a potluck, but make sure the food will be served in a glass container instead of plastic storage.  


How to Make it Zero Waste: 

Use reusable food storage items per guest, such as beeswax wrappers, stainless steel cutlery, or bamboo straws. 

Use fruit or vegetable peels as compost. 


Set Up Plastic-Free Décor 

A zero-waste décor means no balloons, no banners, no confetti. Where’s the fun in that? Well, it’s still possible to pull off a vibrant décor! The solution is to go au naturel—decorate with flowers and candles.  

For a COVID-friendly setup, outdoors would ba nice option as the guests can freely roam while maintaining distance. The CDC also encourages outdoor celebrations, but if it’s not possible, the agency suggests that thparty venue should be well-ventilated or has open windows. 


How to Make it Zero Waste:  

Host the gathering outdoors with trees and flowers as decorations. 

Avoid balloons, banners, confetti, or any unnecessary single-use party décor. 


Give Out Zero Waste Party Favors 

Party bags are out—reusables are in! When giving out party favors, opt for a reusable mesh bag instead of a plastic party bag. You want to give something that the guests will surely use again, so a mesh bag would be perfect.  


How to Make it Zero Waste: 

Give out waste-free items such as natural soap bars, liquid products in reusable bottles, or vegan candles. 


Celebrating in the New Normal 

As we navigate through the pandemic, it’s necessary to evaluate the best options to keep everyone safe, especially now that the holiday season is coming. Going for a zero-waste celebration this Christmas would allow everyone to spend time together in person, while restrictions are also being followed. Have a fun and safe holiday!